Today nothing before? Then it’s off to the outdoor adventures of geocaching, the digital scavenger hunt for young and old! On Mieminger Plateau are several treasures, called geocaches , hidden, which can only found with a GPS device and the correct coordinates. The exact coordinates of the geocaches can be determined by the completion of smaller tasks or solving a puzzle. The target coordinates, the treasure hunters can expect a so-called geocache. It is a waterproof plastic container containing a logbook, a pen and small trade items such as key chains or marbles.

So you have the Mieminger plateau never explored! Therefore: Treasure lift, enter in the logbook found an article and insert a new one. Registered users can to express their successful treasure hunt and also enter online logbook.

The required GPS unit can be lifted borrowed free of charge. Maps for treasure hunting with the coordinates are available on request also with us.
Further information and geocaches are on the website of our tourism association.